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      [MUST READ] Welcome to LOLScans! [CLICK ME!]   11/13/2016

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      #1st Banner Contest - Nobunaga no Chef   05/20/2017

      #1st Banner Contest Commences! We are currently looking for new banners for our projects and the first project to make a banner change is Nobunaga no Chef! The deadline is TBA, don't worry... you will receive a 1 week notice before the deadline is set up! For more details on the said contest please refer to this link: Banner Contest officially opens (again =_=") We are currently too busy to even make changes on our current project banners. We would like to see new banners of our project moving around in our homepage. The first project we want the banner to be changed is Nobunaga no Chef! (NNC fans it's time to shine!) Here are the details and rules of the contest:  
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      #2nd Writing Contest - Adventure   05/20/2017

      #2nd Writing Contest is now published and ongoing! Click and read for more information on the contest here: Deadline will be announced 1 week prior so no need to fret about it. c:  
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      #5th Art Contest - Country   05/26/2017

      5fth Art Contest Commences! Refer to this link to know more about the details: Deadline for entry: TBA

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  2. Reckoning Chapter Discussion

    Yuus, I've been waiting to be able to release this one too!
  3. Reckoning Chapter Discussion

    Thanks for your translation! So far the story looks promising. I'm looking forward to read more.
  4. LR : Chapter Discussion

    thank you!
  5. LR : Chapter Discussion

    This one is so good! Thank you very much for the updates! Hoping for more
  6. French Translator Application

    weird, maybe different firefox versions?
  7. quick et flupke - Those as well. Way to many to list. I was on a Gaston Lagaffe binge for months. At one point I had over 10 years worth of Album Spirou (French equiv. to Shonen Jump issues) As for what brought me around - currently immersed in Addicted to curry and Nobunaga No Chef. Saw the notice for recruitment for Photoshop experts. Figured with nearly 20 years experience and free time on my hands, I might as well help.
  8. French Translator Application

    That's strange. I can't see it in Firefox but I can in IE. I can also see the downloads on the cleaner pages. It's only this page that I have problem with. No worries. I got it with IE instead. It's all good now. Thanks.
  9. Welcome!!! Asterix ftw! What about quick et flupke? my favorite! Also, what brought you to us??
  10. French Translator Application

    hello! the link is working ^^ even with firefox just click the blue icon!
  11. French Translator Application

    Hi, Am I missing something but on Firefox, there is no link for the test. Thanks,
  12. Hello everyone, ezflip is my nick ever since BBS back in 1992. I know, some of you will be thinking "1992 $hit! This guy is old!" but that is how I started. Before 1989 I was reading stuff like Asterix, Tintin, Achille Talon, Metal Hurlant and many other french comics. I always preferred these then American comics. Don't get me wrong, American comics are not bad, plenty of them are good. BUT, after seeing Akira at an International Animation Festival in Ottawa, Canada in 1989, a whole new world opened up and I was hooked. There is so much more depths in manga and anime then most stuff coming out in the US. Still have a soft spot for Euro comics but I will gladly spend more time on manga and anime. Thanks for reading and don't be shy. Say hello. I may be old(ish) but I certainly don't bite.
  13. Earlier

    But everybody loves him

    Saitama from One punch man is indeed OP as fuck.
  16. bonutzuu's gallery of randomness

    I really love each drawings you conceived ! I wonder how much time did you take to finish all your art works...Hope you'll post some more in the near future. Also, may I add that it is some cute design right there !
  17. Who would win

    Can't imagine who would win but without a doubt it'll be epic
  18. MANGA

    Nothing like a good lecture and so many topics and genres

    Saitama and Overlord the most OP
  20. fruit basket

    The only bad thing with the anime is that doesn't cover all the manga, aside from that I like the anime
  21. One punch man (one)

    King is like Mr Satan from Dragon Ball Really like One Punch man
  22. errr

    ummm what? Welcome! Introduce yourself a bit! What do you read?
  23. errr

    umm what ?
  24. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    chapter 9 released!
  25. Addicted to Curry Chapter Discussion

    you're welcome! chapter 127 is now up!
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