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Welcome Literate Beings!

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This is a place for you writers to express yourself and showcase your works.
Feel free to use this section for such! th_084_.gif

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I'M A WRITER!!! :3

so I'm willing to showcase something heheh from one of my stories that is online :3 hehe (not going to advertise for myself ) I want more writer's to unite!


“Oh, totes” the raven girl smirks, “Why not live a little and enjoy the night for once? Such a party pooper. Maybe you too should’ve stayed home with mommy.”


The group muffled out snickers and laughs under their hands as they looked at his surprised expression.

His eyes widened in disbelief he huff, “What did you just say” he growls impatiently before stepping forward only to have a hand pull him back.

“Hey buddy calm down, I’m sure it’s just some stupid black magic crap, no need to tuck your tail up your ass man,” he smiled nervously at him before looking back at the girl. While the rest of the group look at each other they had no choice but to nod foolishly.

A great discomfort washed over him whenever he hear the name she was about to say so nonchalantly. It was such a sad story, but somehow it became a pup bedtime fairy tale although the story had no magic, no princess and no happy ending.

The raven girl stands up. The burning flames dancing, in front of her face. His patience was running out, but the hand on his shoulder stopped him from losing control of Nova who was quirking under his skin. Throughout the night, Nova’s pelt twitched at every sound and with alpha blood in his vein this wasn’t a normal reaction. Surprised, he turns to see Rupert with a serious face.



Preview :3



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"No need to tuck your tail up your ass man"


Too funny!


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5 hours ago, zuzu said:

Packet of chips


Out of reach

even standing on my tiptoes

My sister flaunting the packet

too high for me to reach


Both of us laughing

Suddenly, sullen she stops

Game over

handing me the trophy



the taste of disappointment

is not as sweet... 


Poem by Yours Truly

:yesss-crazy-rabbit-emoticon::crazy-monkey-emoticon-003: 11/10

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I used to write fanfictions here and there, they're still about under my real name out there somewhere.


Haven't touched in forever, but in looking through the threads, one thing usually is my suggestion - read your favorite writer out loud, then read your own writing out loud and see what's the difference.


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