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Dr. Sun

Coloured Cleaners

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Hello, if you wish to apply for the position please take the test below:


There are a few questions you'll have to answer, please include it in your e-mail application.

1. Why would you like to join LOLScans? (Tell us a bit about yourself; the kind of mangas you are interested in, how you found our group, and if you're in another scanlation group.)

2. Will you be able to keep a weekly agenda?


3. Email us your test: lolscanlation[at]gmail.com



1- Crop the height but never the width.
2- Never change the resolution.
affc84c8d2.png if 350 is the resolution it should still be 350 after you clean or if 72 should still be 72... etc...
3- The image should be 1000-1800 Pixels or smaller in height.
4- Connect the images before cropping them.
5- Never merge the layers.

*P.S. Do not clean and redraw directly on the image, you can duplicate the image and do the cleaning and redrawing there or create a new transparent layer and do everything there, just leave the original image untouched.
*Send in your application at lolscanlation@gmail.com

Good luck!

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