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Former Hero Banner Contest

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This banner contest is for our new light novel project: Former Hero.


Should you win this contest, your banner will feature on our reader (in the new releases section, and when you hover over a project's name on the main page) and on our homepage - which means that it will be the thumbnail on all of our releases for Former Hero, so it will end up wherever our project is shared (discord, reddit, etc.)


Rules / Requirements:

  • You must submit as a PSD and be willing for us to edit it, if we see fit
  • It must be 250 pixels high, and 760 pixels wide
  • It must have a 3 pixel border around the whole thing, which must be either black or white
  • It ought to feature your art for what a "Former Hero" may look like (can be original or GFX)
  • It must feature the text: Former Hero prominently
  • You must submit your entry as a separate thread / topic to this subforum


When you create a thread you must follow this title format: USERNAME #1 Banner Contest Entry (ex: Marzia #1 Banner Contest Entry) and as a content, you must post/attach the image (you may use the bbcode for image, or do an image paste if using chrome) and give us a link to your .psd [mediafire, dropbox, googledrive, etc (as long as it contains no virus)]


Submission Deadline:

The 4th of June 2019 at 23:59 BST


I will be entering myself, so if there are no other entries, we have a back up. But come on guys, you can do better than me.

If you have any questions, please them as a reply to this topic.


It's Closed, Vote Now: https://www.strawpoll.me/18114887

You have 24 hours or until the poll is destroyed.

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