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[Poetry] A Plastered Smile

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I usually look up prompts on either different contests or writing activities to see what could inspire me to write something. The prompt that made me write this poem was:

What goes inside the human mind when it comes to thoughts is an enigma. A mystery to the human eye. We cannot hear someone thinking, but with observation, we can see. 


A Plastered Smile


Have you seen how she smiles, radiant
as the spring sun itself, corners of her mouth
rising showing the tiny, purple healing bruise on the lip,
perfectly concealed with lipstick, remnant of her past?

Have you seen her dress up, an angel
in disguise, in her blue dress that looks
like the deep, soothing ocean itself
burying the deep scars on her back?

Have you seen her play, so dynamic, in action,
with the kids in the park everyday in evening,
their heart filled laughter echoing through the place,
hers masking the desire to make a beautiful life, see it grow every day?

Have you seen how she plays the violin
the melody dispersing in the foster home of kids,
bringing a smile to their faces, all the while 
hiding such pain behind her closed peaceful eyes?

Have you seen how after the entire day
of smiling, when she goes back to bed
and it's replaced by a frown as the tears
get soaked into, hid by the pillow
that's dry by morning as the day begins
and a smile is plastered to conceal all of it,

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Now this has an atmosphere.

One very minor nitpick: "with the kids in the park everyday in evening,"
I think the phrase here should be "every day"; which simply means each day. "Everyday" means very common/ordinary and doesn't quite grammatically fit.
Really great mood piece, though.

Finished a bit more depressed than when I started 😅

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Thank you for the feedback and the pointer, Zaph! I'll edit that! Heh, most of my poetry is like that, although I'll try to share the uplifting and positive ones too. 😂 

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