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The Long Awaited Slumber

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Time was moving forward, cruelly. The cold wind left me chilling as it passed by. It was midnight and time for me to wander to the park in search of a comfy bench to lay down on. The streets started to get colder, sometimes I wished to just stay there and succumb to the cold. And maybe, that wouldn't have been so bad. Maybe...


Why not just do so? It's already been 7 years since then. Even when I'm used to this, I'm tired. And I want to rest, in peace. Exhausted. Far too much to care anymore. Far too much to hope for a miracle anymore.


I go back to where I was. And lay on the chilling sidewalk with my arm being the only thing able to support my head. I felt the cold get to me. I felt something reaching to my throat, a feeling similar to being strangled, but more merciful. 


"Oh, am I dying already? No, dying should be more extreme than this. Ah, I feel relieved somewhat. No more struggling through every day just to find something to eat, so that I could breathe for one more day. One more day of what? Not much of value, just another day of misery. I feel like a worker finally getting a day off. Ah, now I think I understand how dad felt like before our last trip." 


I felt like my whole body going numb. I felt, nothing. My eyes began to waver, I felt comfy, more than what I ever was when I stayed on the hot streets during the day or the cold benches during the night.


"Can I finally take a nice long, peaceful nap? Maybe. For some reason, I am sure of it. 
Ah, finally, a good night's sleep."

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