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Taiyou no Mokishiroku [Reader and Download Links]

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Title: Taiyou no Mokishiroku
Author: KAWAGUCHI Kaiji
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Seinen, Mature, Tragedy

Summary: Japan is hit by a series of monumental natural disasters that leave the country fragmented and its people devastated. Follow the lives of its citizens as they deal with massive emigration to refugee camps on the Asian mainland and try to solve the political task of rebuilding their nation.

A Spirit of the Sun is also a retelling and melding of two well-known stories in Japan. The setting is directly lifted from the early '70s disaster science-fiction book and movie "Nippon Chinbotsu," (Japan Sinks) while many of the characters are allegorical to the key players in the Eastern classic "Sangokushi" (The Three Kingdoms). Sangokushi aficionados may discover greater entertainment by watching the characters in A Spirit of the Sun closely to spot these resemblances.
(From MangaUpdates)


imageproxy (1).png imageproxy.png



Chapter 23 - The Things We Lost - Released

Chapter 24 - TBA - Released

Chapter 25 - TBA - Released

Chapter 26 - TBA - Released

Chapter 27 - TBA - Released





Please do not re-upload. Only admins and selected people from mangadex are able to host this series!

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chapter 23 is now up!

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