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haii everyone!!:victory-onion-head-emoticon:

as yall can see im new here so i honestly have no idea how this site works because i came here to apply in helping but its as if this forum is much more than i thought!!

so im really bad at introducing myself but im a kind person whos sarcastic asf and i enjoy art and reading. i like reading mystery, adventure and horror stories, so if you have a recommendation please tell me!! AH and also i have been gettin some free time so if theres any anime thats like , no game no life, kaichou wa maid sama, or just any anime thats good i would love to hear them!!


okie :llama_emoji_02__blush___v1__by_jerikuto-d6tbb7d: well if i have any questions i hope to rely on you guys to hlep me.. please?:sad-pink-mouse-emoticon:

well thank you and i thats the end of mah introductionnn:llama_emoji_05__flower_sparkles___v1__by_jerikuto-d6toun6:



hehe oopsy this is an edit but i see  mah nickname would beee  masmallo or mellow duck :3 


Edited by Marshmallows >~<

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Hello!!! Welcome here~ enjoy!

If you have a discord account, you can join as using the discord link in my signature.


See yah there~ :victory-onion-head-emoticon:


EDIT: Here's the link: https://discord.gg/sVyxtdV
Just in case the signatures are disabled for you.

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mellow duck is cute af


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