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Guest Serenity

Nekokaburi no Ikegayakun (please translate i beg you)

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Guest Serenity

hello my name is serenity and please if anyone can see this please i have been wanting this manga to be translated for so long it’s a completed one but i can’t find an english one and i really want to ready when i did search up the manga which is Nekokaburi no Ikegayakun and i found an english versions but it was only 3 episode and the person or the group that did translate barely update and if they did it was once in a year or in a blue moon i’ll give you the website where it’s in thai or japanese one of those but here pleaseee pleaseeee please translate this PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE but here is the website it’s only 10 chapters too so please do me this favor https://freezingtranslator.blogspot.com/2016/04/my-president.html?m=1 and if you can do it email me at [email protected]

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