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Looking for underrated unlicenced manga recommendation

8 posts in this topic

I know there's mangaupdates, but you may never know that there's some forummates that knows some this or that...

my pick:

Souboutei Kowasu Beshi 

Edited by sue
wrong spelling

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Arte - Ookubo Kei

Bambino! and Bambino Secondo! - Sekiya Tetsuji

Cat Street - Kamio Youko

Clockwork - Yoshioka Sakaki (quite a big shame that raws can't be found)

DCD - Taguchi Kenji

Gakuen Babysitters - Takeino Hari

Glass Mask - Miuchi Suzue

Dr. Duo - Oosawa Yusuke

Haru - Ayase Umi

ID - The greatest fusion fantasy - Kim Daewoo

Kare First Love - Miyasaka Kaho

Historie - Iwaaki Hitoshi

Kiichi!! - Arai Hideki

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Ignore those you think shouldn't be called underrated :victory-onion-head-emoticon:
7 Seeds (By TAMURA Yumi, the author of Basara) -
Buraiden Gai, Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa and Seizon Life (By FUKUMOTO Nobuyuki the author of Kaiji and Akagi) -


And if you have the time, do try out:
Ares (by RYU Keum Cheol) -
Saver (By LEE Eun Young) (TokyoPop released 6 Volumes, but they no longer hold a license since they are defunct) -
Zero (By MATSUMOTO Taiyou) -


I also have to mirror Marzia's recommendation regarding Historie - Iwaaki Hitoshi

I were gonna put All-Rounder Meguru (a MMA manga) on the list, but it seems it recently got licensed.

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I don't know if this will be considered "underrated", but ;w;... Natsume Yuujinchou :) It cleanses your soul and waters your crops so~

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