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#4th Art Contest

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Another year, another theme! 3rd Art Contest Commences!

Theme: The 12 Zodiac (Astrology)

Image result for 12 zodiacs



  • Create a new thread with the title of your artwork and username. Example: The 12 Zodiac - Marzia
  • Portrait and Landscape are both accepted. Minimum size 1000px in height.
  • You don't need to include all of the 12 zodiacs in your art work, you may choose to do all 12 but a piece on 1 zodiac is fine.
  • Your piece can be an interpretation of the 12 zodiacs or of any of the zodiacs. Your creativity on the theme matters! c:
  • You may post more than 1 entry for the duration of the contest; however, on the date of the deadline, you must choose 1 entry you want to use for the voting polls.
  • Deadline: TBA (we will be announcing the deadline when we see a good amount of participants, we will be giving a 7 days notice before the contest officially closes for the voting polls)



  • You'll be receiving the Art Contest Winner badge:  5849415e324c0_artcontest.jpg.754786e7198 As well as receive a new usergroup title and colour: Connoisseurs
  • Have your Art Work posted in LOLScan's Hall of Fame (lolscans deviantArt)
  • We will also be releasing your art work along with our project/s (of your choice if you have a preference)
  • We will be sending you a "ready-to-release" chapter of 2 of our projects (your choice) for a full 3 months via email (meaning: you'd be able to read ahead of everyone!).


P.S. By joining the Art Contest, you are giving LOLScans permission to make edits on your piece and may be used for ads purposes.

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Hannah did! o_o go check her drawing!

You can try too <_<

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5 hours ago, J.A.B.S.U. said:

Is this contest still available?


YES! You can still enter ;'D

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4th art contest closes on May 20, 2017 at 10:00am +8gmt


Finalize your entries on or before that time, or before the voting poll thread is published!


Good luck everyone! :admire2-onion-head-emoticon:

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