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Random Stories And Songs

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Okay... this is gonna be a very stupid.

Just come up with the most random/stupid/weirdest/cringiest story, song, ... possible.

Do make it up yourself, we don't want copyright issues am I right?


Now... I'll start...


Harambe salami
king of the apes
with some credible japes
oh how i miss your sweet smile
you could slam dunk a crocodile
but there was nothing they could do
to stop you from turning that kid into poo
so they shot you through the heart
and you're to blame
you give love
a bad name

Harambe, he enjoyed his life,
had nothing much to do.
He sat around and ate all day
in the Cincinnati Zoo.

Born in Texas in ninety-nine,
to Ohio then he went.
He only lived there sixteen months,
before his life was spent.

He was a massive silver back,
largest gorillas known.
He led and supervised his troop
like a king upon a throne.

Was destined to become a dad
when he had grown some more.
Mara and Chewie were his girls;
both of them he did adore.

One day there was a little boy,
who tried to get quite near.
He fell into Harambe's cage
and the folks began to fear.

He tried to save the boy that day.
Confused with all the din,
perhaps he was somewhat too rough
and thought that the boy was kin.

That little boy was standing there
when they shot Harambe dead.
He knew not what was happening,
he was not feeling dread.

The moral of this sad, sad tale
is don't get in a cage,
neither man nor 'savage' beast,
you'll both feel mankind's rage.


Edit: Your story or song may have been inspired by a real story or song.

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I don't understand humans

For I am no longer human

This is just a song

So don't throw away your taunts


Watch your mouth kid

For I will throw a fit

Getting to know their shit

I don't understand them a bit


Wandering in the dark

I saw something shine

Oh wait, it's a question mark

I ate it to make it mine


This is the way my song ends

This is the way I form friends

Not with a human

But a reflection of one.

PS - Needs more crippling depression



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I never knew this horrendous thread existed.

Here's my contribution:


Here's a small sad story 

from not so long ago

of me, my light switch,

and my carelessness and woe.


This light switch was special in that

it dangled from the ceiling

A long fragile chain to be pulled

only with careful feeling.


For several careful years

did this light switch thus perilously persist,

Until one careless yank did tear

the switch; now it desists.


I stared in disbelief at the chain

snapped there in my hand;

my trusty partner I had slain

its spirit now beyond this land.


Now I can't reach my light switch,

it too high and I too low.

Failed me did that little bitch

and left me on tiptoe.





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