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1) What is LOLScans, Who are LOLScans?
LOLScans is a group of volunteer who likes to have fun and release hq projects. LOLScans doesn't mean "League of Legends Scans" (please... just don't...) LOLScans means: Laugh Out Loud Scans. As for the reason why we chose "LOL" as a name of our scanlation group is because me (Marzia) and Josser (the culprit of making me start this group) loves to use the acronym "lol" and as we were thinking about making this group we did nothing but laugh with crazy ideas we've come up.


LOLScans started back in October 2012, but because of real life (medical) issues, we had to put it on hold that we ended up going for a long 2 years hiatus... eventually, as things have started to work out, we have decided to run the group once again!


2) What kind of projects do you guys scanlate?
We work on pretty much anything as long as there's a good plot. Most of our projects right now are shounen, seinen and shoujo. Genres are mostly in supernatural, mystery, horror, comedy, adventure and mature (not so much on the ecchi side.)


We, however, decided not to work on Hentai projects, for reasons such as: having a bunch of minor staff members.


If you wish to make request, we will definitely consider it as long as:

2.1) The project doesn't have a scanlator

2.2) Not licensed in English

2.3) The project has been dropped by the scanlation group designated to it

2.4) The project has never been updated for more than 3 months


3) Where do I go to download your releases?
You can download them from: here!


4) Can I host the chapter(s) I downloaded?
NO. We're very sorry to tell you this but NO YOU CAN'T! 
Only members who have been given permission are allowed to release our projects on other online reader sites. We have our own reader, so we really don't need to host our releases anywhere else.

5) Can we do a joint?
Of course! Just send an e-mail at [email protected]


6) Is it possible to translate your project so-and-so to xx language?
Yes, you can retranslate our projects to the language you wish to translate it to, given that you make a request in the Retranslation Request Forum and that you will credit our group and include our homepage url into your releases.


7) Why are you guys releasing so slow?! Can't you release faster??? There's more than 20+ Chapters out for the raws!!!
Never EVER say anything like that to us. IF you wish to read high quality and accurate releases you better be patient. We are a volunteer group and we have real life to tend to. Sorry, but we're not really sorry, we will only release whenever and as much as we can, and as regular as it can be, as soon as a chapter is deemed ready for release. #RESPECT


😎 How can I help you? I'm a newbie, but I'd like to help in someway as a thanks for releasing my favourite series.
There are 2 ways to help us out;

8.1.) By giving donations (yes, we need donations for our server fees and for our raws... so far it has been the admins that are shouldering everything with our own real life extra saved up money, because we love you all.)

8.2.) We accept APPRENTICE! All the admins are willing to teach and guide you in the position you wish to try and work with. So don't be afraid to apply! :wow2-onion-head-emoticon: Plus, you'll be able to read all of our projects before its release when you're part of our staff~ (come over to the darkside, it's really fun here)


9) Who/How can I contact you for a problem/suggestion/comment/general whatever?
We have a Feedback and Suggestions section in the forum, feel free to post there. But you could always send us a message through our email [email protected]


If you do wish to donate by becoming our patron, just go to https://www.patreon.com/lolscanlation :admire2-onion-head-emoticon:

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Money Talk FAQ


It seems like there's a misconception regarding our group and reasons for disliking aggregator sites... so LOLScans will be transparent with you all.


Q: How much do you guys earn from ads?

A: We have google adsense. We don't have an affiliate and we will never do so. Our ads are ONLY placed in our homepage. None on the reader. None in the forum. Since 2016 (the time we've added google adsense) our lifetime earning 'til today (02/15/2018) is $49.50 but our unpaid earnings is only $36.01


If you guys aren't familiar with google adsense, they have a policy where you need to reach $100 before you can cash out your earnings from their ads. For 2 years, we have NEVER gotten money from our ads. We CAN'T touch it and until we reach the requirement for cash out, the earnings we got from ads is owned by google. So.... how much do we earn from ads? :whaaat3-onion-head-emoticon:We would prefer it if you guys don't speculate nor ask about it. It's a very painful question and topic for us. With this said, I'm sure what the follow-up questions would be like...


Q: How come you guys aren't earning enough from ads?

A: As long as you have ad block we can't get anything. We will never make a pop-up warning nor restriction to request you from disabling it. We want to leave it up to you whether you guys will disable it or not.


Q: Why not put ads in your online reader?

A: Because, we don't want to. We already have our donation and recruitment ad pages and that's the only ad we will put in our reader.


Q: You have donation scheme... you must be getting a lot!

A: No. LOL. Donation is a kind gesture. We won't force anyone to donate and we are thankful to our donators. BUT, it's not a surprise where there'd be a number of months where we don't get donations at all. It's not something we are not used to. That's just how life is~


Q: Who pays for your server then?

A: For the first year of LOLScans receiving .com, I (Marzia) have shouldered it. On the 2nd year, the admins (Janowicz and Bella) and our first batch of donators helped out a lot. That's why, we love our donators! :admire2-onion-head-emoticon:


Q: Why are you guys against aggregators when technically what you're doing is not as legal as they are?

A: It's because we know we're in the gray-area and moral grounds talk becomes hypocrisy, that we do not want our works to be hosted anywhere else than from ours. In the first place, we are not that bothered if someone hosts our projects as long as:

1. Ask for permission first. Regardless, we deserve respect too.

2. Retain our ad pages, credit pages


3. follow our delay policy. (3 days delay)

(But most of the time, these 3 simple things are never done nor followed)

And the real reason why we don't want aggregators to host our projects is because, we also have our right where we want our own works to go to. (I hear people saying hypocrite from this line...)


Q: Isn't that ironic when you're scanlating series without permission from the author?

A: We automatically stop and drop any series we're working on that gets an official English translation (licensed to English) and when someone sent by the author (or the author themselves) asked us to. Of course it's still not something ethical in the legal world.


I am sure you guys have a lot of come back questions, notions, discontentment, arguments and speculations. We are just scanlators. A group of volunteers and trust us when we say, there's no money in this money talk. Don't attack us with conspiracy theories and complaints when you see some of our projects in the aggregator site you frequent to is messed up... WE DID NOT UPLOAD IT THERE. And please, know what's really going on (facts) before you type your words down.:crabokay:

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