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Writing Contest Guidelines

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Rules, Guidelines etc.:
  • You must stick to the theme
  • Word count varies on the contest's theme it may vary from 600-1500 words
  • You may use a proofreader but you must credit them if you do (you can have a friend proofread for you)
  • Or you may use one of the LOLScans staff as a proofreader.
  • Writing style will depend on the theme maker ([USER=2]@Janowicz[/USER])
  • This contest is held Monthly, giving you a full month to work on your entry
How to Participate:
  • Create a new thread with the title of your piece
  • Make sure you have your own catchy summary of your entry with at least 10-20 lines(sentences)
  • Your first post will be the complete story of your piece and your summary being your 2nd post in your entry thread (or vice-versa)
  • You may edit and fix your entry while the contest is ongoing, you are no longer allowed to touch your entry a day before the contest closes.
  • You'll get a Writing Contest Winner badge: 58e1553550068_writingcontest.jpg.15f1b25
  • A new usergroup and color: Connoisseurs
  • Your summary will also be released with our project releases (or projects you wish your summary is released in)
  • And a chance to have your entry posted in our Hall of Fame (LOLScans Deviant Art)
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finally was able to edit.

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