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  1. fukujyhtgfom,ikcuji I started good, close enough
  2. I love him so much!!! I heard about him from a friend a few years back "Hey have you listened to this chill laidback Kurt Cobain sounding guy" and my ears just perked up lol.
  3. AAAAAAHHH!!! Sooo many of my favs.!!! Yeeeesss Childish Gambino, his last album is soo damn gooood (imo I can't wait to see his Lando even tho I don't like that Han Solo prequel film coming up >___>) Mac Demarco with Salad Days is a must during summer time!!! Lol I'm with you about Foster the People, it's like that had something and then their sound kinda went off for me too
  4. Yes you DID! *blasts A Moon Shaped Pool*
  5. Oh wow, where do I start? Everything from movie and game soundtrack to Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead. I have no specific taste just anything that's good for my ears! Right now I'm all over Perfume Genius's new album No Shape, it's sooooo gooooooood!!! His music style is so hard to pin point cause he's always experimenting and blending new different kinds of sounds. And Soundgarden/Audioslave is on repeat these days...Chris Cornell was such a huge part of my life, I know their 2002 album by heart. I miss him so much. What do you enjoy though? Any recommendations?
  6. Thank you! Hah, looks like we're both newbies here.
  7. Fukutomichi here! Occasional cleaner and ready to help anytime! Seasoned manga reader and anime marathoner when the mojo hits me, huge music nerd and all things LOTR and Star Wars Thank you for the invite once again!
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