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  1. But yea, when you get on LOLscan's discord, just ask for Huapollon.
  2. What about making it Aphu Aqra? That was suggested to me from a different source. On other note, do you use discord? It should be easier than the forums for conversations, and I would love to have someone around well versed in the intricacies of arabic,~ especially in a series with heavy arabic reference.
  3. Hey, I'm the translator for MotL, and was just looking at the conjugations of Iqra here: https://cooljugator.com/ar/قرأ Which tense should we be looking at?
  4. Zephiris


    Depending on /how/ OP you are looking at, most isekai can be considered OP, like Overlord and such,
  5. Don't worry, contrary to Marzia's misgivings, I am the best translator there is: 2320 SAT, Cornell Alumni 3.86 GPA, MCAT 36, Current M.D. candidate at Columbia, I can't vouch for speed, but I can definitely vouch for the quality of my translations ;p But yea, as of today, I will be taking over the role of Translator for this series, at the behest of Marzia~ p.s. Once again, I can't vouch for speed, just tossing this out there~ After all, I doubt you want to prioritize yourselves over the poor patients in the hospital, and those charts don't get completed by themselves.
  6. Time to start the contest off I guess, a homage to the manga that brought me to lolscans~ Personally, I am awfully curious as to see if it is possible to be part of multiple user groups~ Oh and the Mega download link for the PSD: https://mega.nz/#!f5MgDT4T!0le9OOtXdBlzk3JLL7KFDo0Jq1dkdXYe5JMSs-On2rE
  7. Azx34e;[p[hjnp[io9r4eikazs Forgive me, I have big muscular elbows~ ;p
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