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  1. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    soon though, i hope it won't break yuri's heart.... his life is already full of suffering
  2. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    yes, he's kinda impatient, and seems like want to go straight to marriage, ch 6 left me kinda hanging there.... but i can guess, she won't marry yuri, while yuri still manages to help her
  3. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    >2320 SAT >3.86 GPA >MCAT 36 >M. D. Candidate Honestly, I don't know how they're related, but they're sounded awesome What a dedication, i can't help but feel in awe after reading that
  4. Umm... Hi?

    While... skin care product is very.... expensive. It's either your skin or your wallet which would dry first .... I don't even know that our conversation is fun for read
  5. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    Indeed, that's why those armor have high def, since demon lord can't help but laughing while looking at mc. He can't use full force while our heroes keep using such flashy armor. Or, could it be... you feel some "sweet" things while "abused" in working so many pages? Hoo, good luck in working w chinese tl. I'll just wait for the result
  6. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    I guess it's really tiring... as each chapter consists of 50++ pages Indeed, though, most of the old rpg games I played doesn't change the sprite when I change armor. Put aside jokes armor, such as Chocobo suit, I wouldn't even know how would be "Diamond Armor" in real life actually.
  7. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    I don't know whether I should use the spoiler tag or not, but, gonna use one in case it's needed.
  8. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    Nice, gonna grab it fast, thank you
  9. Umm... Hi?

    Adorable... he.... ..... lack of sleep.... won't be good for your skin
  10. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    Well, in Yuri's case.... probably finding a good spouse.
  11. Umm... Hi?

    glad that I'm not the only one
  12. Umm... Hi?

    ..... How did you know?
  13. Baka's polls

    I did random sampling (10), and most of them are actually correct. (8/10)
  14. DNYNK: Chapter Discussioin

    Yuri would get him as a package with Maho-chan later Though, i hope there won't be any weird development later with Andre......
  15. Umm... Hi?

    But, I feel like I have lost something in the process