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  1. Looking good mate! I envy you though, drawing tab
  2. No haha, its all markers and colour pencils And ye sure, as soon as I get back from vacay
  3. Oh my, why do I not know of this thread lol
  4. Welp, I looked around but could only find these 5 drawings. I haven't drawn in quite a while so drop down an anime character you want to see drawn and I will have it done when I have free time! Idk Random: Idk Random: Jiraiya from Naruto: Hehe, this is supposed to be Yuu from Owari No Seraph, but female version :DD Idk Random: Idk Random: Oh ya welp, sorry for that black spot on top of each pic, Idk what was on my Printer when I was scanning lol. Remember to drop down a character for me to draw~
  5. Welcome to LOLScans!! I have watched all of Naruto, I own some of the volumes myself, though I don't quite like it as much as other animes from previous seasons. But I'm also willing to discuss any other animes we both favour
  6. Welcome to LOLScans!!
  7. No Problem! The MD team and I are hard at work on it Glad you like it! Welcome to LOL Scans!!
  8. arcfauyne Amazing, I surprise myself sometimes...
  9. Arcayne

    GFX (OLD)

    Welp, just noticed there's a GFX section on the forums here. These are some of my really old GFX pieces, unfortunately, most of my newer work is usually sold and therefore I cannot post it on these forums or anywhere else Enjoy Some Wallpapers:
  10. Ahh, that's cool, you participated in Inktober
  11. Arcayne


    Been a member for 4 days now, but haven't gotten around to make an intro thread yet. Well, here it is... Ello, Names Arcayne, currently in a trial to become a proofreader. I enjoy reading mangas and watching anime. I currently have watched a total of 500+ animes believe it or not I am a, I wouldn't say pro but an experienced graphic designer. I enjoy gaming, programming, and designing. I also enjoy sketching, however non-original characters. Hit me up anytime for any anime recommendations Nice meeting you all!
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