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  1. My name is from my love of Malt Whiskey(if i could only live on it) and my avatar is Rubeus Hagrid Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts of course!
  2. Malt

    evil genie game

    Previous Post: "To be able to enter any fictional realm." At first you struggle with the ability just trying simple hop in and outs until you discover a D&D book laying around. You wonder to yourself I've done these quests as a role play now is the time for the real deal! You enter the wold A beloved hero warrior off on another intrepid adventure! But as soon as you leave the grounds of the kingdom you hear a rumble in a near by bush. You go to investigate but roll poorly, falling down in to a pitfall trap breaking both your legs unable to hop out of this fictional realm. My wish:"To be able to communicate with electronics.(Technopathy) Looking forward in the next response!
  3. m\za,.lbrtvgh I seem to have big elbows....
  4. If you have any request on what you would like to see on the discord leave them either below here or in the new discord channel Discord-Requests! Thank You and have a great day/night/slumber!
  5. Not much to say, just a casual drifter on this online space that we call the internet. Enjoying each day one line at a time. One line of code that is! I am a fan of anime especially SAO, Code Geass, Guilty Crown & Many More! For me anime intro's are important the catchier the tune the more I am hooked! Hopefully I will get to know each and everyone one of you soon!
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