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  1. My name is from my love of Malt Whiskey(if i could only live on it) and my avatar is Rubeus Hagrid Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts of course!
  2. Malt

    evil genie game

    Previous Post: "To be able to enter any fictional realm." At first you struggle with the ability just trying simple hop in and outs until you discover a D&D book laying around. You wonder to yourself I've done these quests as a role play now is the time for the real deal! You enter the wold A beloved hero warrior off on another intrepid adventure! But as soon as you leave the grounds of the kingdom you hear a rumble in a near by bush. You go to investigate but roll poorly, falling down in to a pitfall trap breaking both your legs unable to hop out of this fictional realm. My wish:"To be able to communicate with electronics.(Technopathy) Looking forward in the next response!
  3. Malt

    Type your username with your elbow [CHALLENGE]

    m\za,.lbrtvgh I seem to have big elbows....
  4. Malt

    Let's Make a Story, 3 Words at a Time!

    britania. Her Majesty
  5. If you have any request on what you would like to see on the discord leave them either below here or in the new discord channel Discord-Requests! Thank You and have a great day/night/slumber!
  6. Malt

    You're A Wizard!

    Not much to say, just a casual drifter on this online space that we call the internet. Enjoying each day one line at a time. One line of code that is! I am a fan of anime especially SAO, Code Geass, Guilty Crown & Many More! For me anime intro's are important the catchier the tune the more I am hooked! Hopefully I will get to know each and everyone one of you soon!