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  1. Nice to meet you too, Ayna-chan. So glad to have such an enthusiastic otaku here! (3000 manga holy shit, you have even surpassed me tch.) Welcome to the forums~
  2. The last drawing... the shoes are inspired by Naruto?
  3. Let me make it clear already that I really really dislike (a.k.a hate) Sakura. Welcome to the forum!
  4. Congratulations on your graduation! And please don't give up. There are many unexplored days ahead of you and something good shall happen. Trust me on this.
  5. sasxxitaga


    I started it, then dropped it after the first few chapters because I didn't like it.
  6. Hohoho my fellow Golden Change fan! Looking forward to meet ya!
  7. I think Cage of Eden (Eden no Ori) is really nice. I found out they had to end it quickly because it didn't get much of a fan following but I liked it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Thank you Hannah, Ashtastic, Fenrill, whoon and Marzia Nearly every panel is so funny. ;_;
  9. sasxxitaga


    I didn't even know Pokemon was an anime until two years back So technically I started off with Naruto. Welcome to the forums, Scizor~
  10. Or go for Golden Change for beaaautiful art and first class humour.
  11. Another FIL fan! Nice to meet another person for whom manga > anime. *high 5* Welcome to the forums and hope to see you around here! Have a nice time!
  12. As much as I would hate to admit, it wasn't really Barney's fault.
  13. Why is chapter 7 a cliff-hanger Saran will get the wrong idea now ughhh noo I really like her. :c
  14. I used to be extremely jealous of Wendy after watching the 2003 Peter Pan movie. Welcome to the forum, Peter Pan!
  15. sasxxitaga

    Devils Line

    Well he gives Kaneki vibes because of the one eye thing but I don't think he looks like him.
  16. Kakao 79% That Summer (I'm definitely not a BL fan but this one is really neat and different). Golden Change (I need more chapters)
  17. There's beautiful art and incredible humour. I love this.
  18. You would take forever to make it come out from underneath the bed if it crawls under it.
  19. *wriggles fingers* Oh wait, it's the elbow. sasxxiktgagbaz Where did gagbaz come from
  20. Previous post: "I wish to mesmerize everyone with my singing." Granted. You finish your song. People are silent, staring at you. Then you realize you're standing in The School for the Deaf. My wish: "I wish I pass my upcoming exam with high marks."
  21. sasxxitaga

    Romance Shojos

    Ooh ooh mine is Kamisama Hajimemashita. I even sing the anime's opening song loudly in the bathroom. I like the female protag because she isn't blushing and fainting like most other girls in other romance manga.
  22. Oh I am so sorry! I didn't know. This will be my last post on this thread. Apologies once again! _/\_
  23. What did I do to deserve this
  24. *puts back desktop background of Miss. Backside* I respect and fear you, o Gangd0ge
  25. .... All my respect and fear just flew out of the window. *removes desktop background*
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