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  1. Thanks for your updates! Happy Birthday LOLScans!
  2. Thanks for your translation! So far the story looks promising. I'm looking forward to read more.
  3. Just start to read the manga, and I find it's a good read. More updates please!
  4. Bravo! Your translation is greatly appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the new translated chapters! The Thai Comic Mafia's Daughter is nice to read!
  6. Hello! I like Lolscans as it is a good platform to talk and discuss my favorite mangas and animes with other peoples here. I'm looking forward to friends with all of you who are fond of Naruto!
  7. because I'm ready to watch the Naruto anime series for the sixth time!
  8. LoL! I can't wait for the new chapters!
  9. rain123

    A new Game!!

    the walking dead all around the world...
  10. I like its painting style very much!
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