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  1. I live in california atm so i'm blessed with the best of like every cuisine unlimited kbbq is good (have to take advantage of good metabolism) southern bbq is also awesome Good Italian food is awesome too I also like thai food and Mediterranean food
  2. constantly listening to everything Kanye also like death grips, young thug, etc and of course WJSN my bbys
  3. webtoon love revolution lol, that's why im posting here lol
  4. because the new love revolution scans r out ayyyy
  5. Hey everyone, I'm naji I'm a 17 y/o bruh from sanfrancisco got into college so i decided to pass the time until i go by reading manhwa, read Lookism a long while ago and i really liked it so i came back to it recently and i just started Love' Revolution (연애혁명) uhhh maybeeee some people may know me from another korean pop music forum site. I'm a HARDCORE, and I mean Hardcore like deranged Ujung (WJSN stan #WJSN_Takeover_2K17) anyways, please ask more questions, I'm a sucker for romantic manga/manhwa that is cheesy and stuff so pls pls pls give me recommendations thanks, NaJi
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