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  1. O_O what the heck! your studies seem so interesting! marry meeeeeee
  2. hello @IcePrince Ninoorut As said before, it's not going to happen from us.
  3. yo, Chapter 19 released! Also made a very tiny plot fix in chapter 18, read it again if you want. Maybe that's a great idea since last chapter was a while ago
  4. If I'm right, the five post requirement was removed so the pin on the announcement area is right. This is an older post.
  5. You're right but a storm has been holding my connection hostage. Demanded me to sacrífice my cat to calm the sky gods but I wasn't having any of that so I went to battle. All jokes aside, thank you for reminding me, I just uploaded the download for chapter 14 and I'm really sorry. I'll keep in mind to be more consistent
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