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  1. BellaFerreira

    Prince of Prince : Reader and Downloads

    chapter 30 released!
  2. BellaFerreira

    Golden Change [Reader and Download Links]

    Chapter 10 released!
  3. Chapter 49 released!!! We now breed dinosaurs :''D
  4. BellaFerreira

    (belated) Introduction ^^

    O_O what the heck! your studies seem so interesting! marry meeeeeee
  5. BellaFerreira

    [Maybe] Cavalry of the abyss

    hello @IcePrince Ninoorut As said before, it's not going to happen from us.
  6. yo, Chapter 19 released! Also made a very tiny plot fix in chapter 18, read it again if you want. Maybe that's a great idea since last chapter was a while ago
  7. BellaFerreira

    Prince of Prince : Reader and Downloads

    Chapter 29 released c:
  8. BellaFerreira

    Golden Change [Reader and Download Links]

    chapters 7-9 released!
  9. If I'm right, the five post requirement was removed so the pin on the announcement area is right. This is an older post.
  10. chapter 38 released! chapter 37 download is up too!
  11. BellaFerreira

    Reckoing [Reader and Download]

    You're right but a storm has been holding my connection hostage. Demanded me to sacrífice my cat to calm the sky gods but I wasn't having any of that so I went to battle. All jokes aside, thank you for reminding me, I just uploaded the download for chapter 14 and I'm really sorry. I'll keep in mind to be more consistent