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  1. => https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bungo_Stray_Dogs
  2. YoruNoTsuki


    Everythings except eating garbage on Sunday x)
  3. :wow2-onion-head-emoticon:HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!! :crazy-monkey-emoticon-142:

  4. New year is comiiiing ! :wow1-onion-head-emoticon:

  5. Welcome !!!! hope you we be treated well x) and that you'll stay, interact and enjoy your time here =)
  6. the sauce? you mean where does it come from? ( It's a Mini/chibi Kanda Yuu from D.gray-Man made by Hoshino-sensei)
  7. YoruNoTsuki


    INSULTED What!? He just "provoked" her and you let him go !? What!? He just "insulted" her and you let him go!?
  8. Chrissssmas is coming! 

    1. BellaFerreira


      Aaaaaan...... it's gone ._.

    2. YoruNoTsuki


      New year is comiiiing ! :wow1-onion-head-emoticon:

  9. Sooo, yup I suggest this topic, because it seams to work in other forums, and it's always interesting : Where does your Pseudonym and Profil picture come from? ( just say what characters, from which books, music bands, manga or whatever, wherever it came from^^ and the reasons you choose it😊) and if there is no reasons, well ... well x) ーーーーーーーーーーーーー For me, it's been a long time ago, so don't exactly remember the reasons x) mmmh I love Japanese language (the sound is beautiful and singing, and the country and people are so cool!) and I love the night and the moon... so I just choose those two kanji and put them together to make it a conpound name : Night Moon. Mon avatar is ❤️Kanda Yuu ❤️ my love! a characters from a manga, D.Gray-Man, from Hoshino Katsura Sensei! ( and its a Chibi, miniKanda not the real Badass!! you have to read the manga if you don't know it! 😄)
  10. aaah this dream... to not have to go to univ or/and work, to have ALL day long and weeks, months, years to read, eat,sleep, and have fun with friends and read, read, all we want, when we want, like we want..( with who we want? and what we want x))
  11. .... i think mine is not possible because of the capital letter ... can we use both elbows? trying with one : yorunotyddsuki ... well it's not sooo bad x)
  12. Bonjour et bienvenue Hel ( I also love northern mythology !! ... even if well, i love mythologies in general since childhood x)) I sadly don't understand German. Where do you come from ?^^
  13. they are sooo cute! I love Ocelot ! ❤️❤️😍❤️😍❤️❤️
  14. YoruNoTsuki

    Lyric Game

    ..the way we move, don't you know you should, now these are the best things of your life .... (The way we are - Remady)
  15. I love it when there is so much diversities! 😊 Sadly, my average around the time of my non-holidays time (university time) is 1 or 2 maxi ... and my average in holidays is around 8 to 10 ... and I've been working part time on holidays ... x) But I know that when I'll have a full time job I'll be around 1-2 books a month because we don't really have time at home and when we have well, sometimes there are kids, house chores or many papers or other sadly more important things to do ^^'
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