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  1. Oh, and duh, it's been so long I forgot to even say this... you can call me Zoë; that's my actual real name.
  2. Mangahere. http://m.mangahere.co/manga/nobunaga_no_chef/ and looking at it one one more time, it's possible I may have mixed up the order that Americans and Europeans write dates again.... >_< but I know it's not showing up in their daily updates for sure; I may have been off reading Japanese novels the past month or so, but march through November, I've been obsessively checking their feed multiple times a day.
  3. That would be great, if I ever checked my email... The weird thing is that they HAVE the chapters, but the DATE isn't updating... I guess that's what I get for using online manga readers.
  4. Yes. Wild little toddler. REALLY wild. His physical therapist says he's one of the two most active kids she has... which is really saying something. x_X anyhow, today I am happy because it's acupuncture time! Yay! An hour and a half that my only duty is to lie still. <3
  5. Nope, safari.. let me put it this way, I'm married to an engineer that works in Cupertino...... >_> 1 + 1 = .....
  6. Don't mean to be rude, but has this been dropped..? Or is there a problem getting raws or anything? I can always hit up the local Kinokuniya and see if I can get it special ordered, if that's the issue. Tho as I look at it, there are chapters up I hadn't read, but the manga reader I normally use says it hasn't been updated since February, wtf..
  7. Does the toddler count as an animal...?
  8. Zoena

    Ahoy Artists!

    Does it need to be anime related...? The past several years I've mostly been doing steampunk jewelry.. lately I've been branching out a bit into home decor, since we bought a house about a year ago and are doing a steampunk themed remodel of the bathroom. Still waiting on custom doors and a few other things; it was scheduled to be complete back in *september*... *sigh*
  9. Newbie question tho... I haven't been active on forums for several years, and when I was I was normally on a CPU... They are still in unknown moving boxes tho. >_< is there an easy way for a lazy iOS user to upload photos without using a hosting service like photobucket? (Dating myself pretty badly; I told you it had been several years...)
  10. The munchkin actually took a nap! (Eventually........ >_> )
  11. Nothing that interesting here, Nobunaga no Chef addict that wants to see what's up with it.. I kinda fell off the anime/manga community map the past couple years (especially after having a kid), but people who were around 10 years or so ago might recognize me from DA. >_>
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