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    LUGGED The suspicious person "yanked" the bag towards the door. The suspicious person "lugged" the bag towards the door.
  2. Thank you so much for replying :D! And also for releasing a new chapter !! And now I need to find a small corner of library where I can sit down and read this without people looking over my shoulder haha. Aside from that, do you know how many more of the raw chapters you guys have left? I wanna know so I can buy it from that volume onwards :).
  3. Heeeyyy~! Just wondering if this is still an active project that is currently being worked on? I frickin LOVE the couple in this so I'm very invested in the series and I'd even be willing to help translate it except the raws you guys have are in Chinese TT_TT. I just want to know if it is being worked on or not because if not, then I might just buy the kindle version of the raws and try to read on my own and get 50~80% understanding on what is happening next. Of course, I do still want to buy the original series anyway to support the author...
  4. Oh wow everyone has such different reading habits. For me it is 1 book around a month :c. It used to be more like 20 books when I was in the 6-9th grades though. I miss having that much time to read TT_TT.
  5. LulzWrym

    Dr. Frost

    Yeah "Love me if you dare" is the Chinese one. Although I do wanna get around to reading Dr.Frost :P.
  6. LulzWrym

    Dr. Frost

    You've read it before :D? Wait which one? Do you mean Dr.Frost or Love me if you dare lol? Because they've both been made into TV series haha ^^;;.
  7. Dannnngggg. That's uhhh, not very even ain't it ^^;;? I expected it to be more even tho'.
  8. LulzWrym

    Dr. Frost

    Ooooooooh I love watching shows ;). I it's interesting how the author actually put the names of the people they consulted with at the end of the first chapter. You don't usually see that kind of thing :>. But this plot definitely sounds interesting and actually reminds me of a completely different Chinese novel called "Love me if you dare/ He is here. Close your eyes". Its slightly similar for the fact that the main guy is a Criminal Psychologist/Profiler so he's really good at reading people in general. But I'm not sure if Dr. Frost has (more like it probably will) any relations to criminals in the story. Definitely gonn' put it on my reading list though :P.
  9. Thank you for the warm welcome guys :>. Amelicano: I'm lucky in the sense that I'm not allergic to anything. Sadly I'm usually out of the house for most of the day so if I forget to pack fruits in my lunch, then no vitamin c for me :c. Do you yourself happen to have any allergies that makes it hard to eat certain fruits? Marzia: Without any specific order, I speak/somewhat know English, Japanese, Malay, and Hindi+languages that sound similar to Hindi. Though honestly, I love languages so much that I really wanna learn Chinese, Spanish, and Russian one day too if I get the chance. Can you also speak another language besides English :>?
  10. LulzWrym


    Dude that's exactly like me. I love little kids but I hardly get to interact with them. I'd love to learn how to as reference for the future haha ^^;.
  11. Here comes dat boiiiiiiiiiii
  12. LulzWrym

    Missing Word Game

    Always smile and don't forget to brush before you leave. "...... for the ...... !"
  13. 'Sup people. So uhhhhh if you have anything specific you'd like to know you can just ask haha. Otherwise here's a list of random things about me that may.... or may not be true :o. Still in school. Officially learning Japanese (my level is past N4, but not good enough to pass N3 haha) I can actually speak quite a few languages and none of them sound remotely similar to one another ^^;;. I wish I was able to eat more fruit. Specifically oranges 'cuz they're real good. I'm just a typical, simple kinda easygoing idiot. Nice ta meetya very much :D! Well gotta bounce.
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