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  1. PhanToom

    hi ☺

    thank you, Kimeru it 'will be my pleasure
  2. PhanToom

    hi ☺

    I'll do now I'm working on your test in this B&W Cleaner Application maybe I'll manage 'it
  3. PhanToom

    hi ☺

    this is old one I've did it befor after but I didn't ever work on a raw so I've no skill on that
  4. PhanToom

    hi ☺

    thank you Marzia and Amelicano I'm happy being here I think I can help in cleaning if you need, I'm good in it (sort of)
  5. PhanToom

    hi ☺

    hi ☺ my name is Phantom I was Translated manga, but now I'm just a reader because I Had no time; I (work+study) I love Seinen and Drama