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  1. euyphoriucsynthesdxiuds not even gonna try shifting..
  2. I usually forget about sweeter coffees, whenever I think about them I always think of the slightly bitter ones >.> That's a nice tidbit to know. My favorite drink happens to be Orange Juice btw.. Call it as childish as you want but aside from water and milk juice is the only other beverage I consume. Nice to meet you Hannah ^^ Well I've yet to actually start my trials, but I feel the same - I do hope to be able to work with you in the future as well.
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome Amelicano ^^ It seems you're a Coffee Enthusiast, do you have a favorite type?
  4. Seeing how there weren't any game threads here I guess I'll try making one. The concept is simple, you try and continue the current story using 3 words. Of course make sure to follow the forum rules and try to have fun.. Example - A : Once Upon A B : Goat, there lived A : A King who ... Starting here - Once Upon A
  5. Username - EuphoricSynthesis Nickname - Eupho I started reading a lot of manga about a year ago and started watching a lot of Anime 2 years before that, and of course I also tend to play my fair share of video games from time to time; a game that I've been playing a lot of recently is 100% Orange Juice, so if anyone plays that game as well I'd be more than happy to have a round with you. The reason I'm on lolscans forums right now is because while reading manga I've wanted to contribute somehow and having a bit more free time recently thought I'd try my hand at something here. Putting that aside since I'm not an amazing writer I'll put some Manga and Anime I'm consuming currently below, Manga - Kami Nomi, Yotsubato, Psyche Matashitemo, Nobunaga no Chef, and etc. Anime - Aria the Natural, Dragon Ball Super >.>, and the currently airing Nanbaka. Anyways as they tend to say in high school anime when a transfer student is introduced - I hope we get along.
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