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  1. Hello @Mauxa Welcome to the team and the community~. I hope you pass your trial and wish you luck. Make sure to take breaks after all this is only volunteering
  2. @Marzia the link that says to click to read how to apply is incorrect. It leads back to this thread. It doesn't redirect to the tutorial on how to apply.
  3. Welcome to LOL, Oliver~ What's your favorite manga from this group?
  4. Hello Aichiiko! Welcome to the team and good luck on your trial period 💛
  5. Hello Leon, I'm Sally from America 😂 And thank you for loving our series♥
  6. Ohhh hii again @lnmtlprop! We met on discord ... I think.... But I hope you do help us with reviving the dead project of your favorite series♥
  7. Hello @skizlock! Welcome to LOL scans community. I mean if you want to chat, you are free to visit the forums and in-hopes of someone to spam the forums with you. I never understood manga/anime novels. I mean I can read normal books but somehow I just can't with anime/manga/game versions of it. Also good luck finding new helpers for your group ^^
  8. NibbPower


    Welcome to LOL Scans~ Don't worry, I'm also one of those stay-at-home person too but unfortunately, I cannot live like this 😫 OMG. I love Akatsuki no Yona, it's the best manga I read before it became an anime and then... it got licensed... XD
  9. Welcome to LOL Scans. Erm, your intro is quite different. I think I know what you're referring to; it sounds like you're trying to find a animator or artist to do a comic for you. But errr, although I'm just a lower rank. I'm pretty sure it's best to find your answers in those comic artist sites
  10. Hello Elodie~ Welcome to LOL Scans I wish you luck on your test if you're applying to join us (: If you need some tips, let us know
  11. Welcome to LOL scans~ I hope you enjoy your stay!
  12. Hello HarukaIzumi, Welcome to the community/scans.
  13. Thank you for welcoming!
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