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  1. Amelicano


    Welcome Kisza :3 I'm pretty good, nice to see you're also having a nice time Please enjoy your stay here~
  2. Hey TerryButler! Cool to see you're trying out new stuff ;3 don't worry, this community won't bite~ I don't even know if this counts as classic anime but they are now. Lovely Complex and Shugo Chara is my 10/10 classics. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  3. Yes! This is sooo good ;0; you should totally enter our contest cough nudge nudge wink You will do well I'm sure ;))
  4. Hey sushi! Is that Boku no Hero I see!! Great taste in manga ;33 Hope to see more of sushi around :3
  5. Hi Sue! New site you know it ;)) Thanks for your kind words! Hope you enjoy your stay here~
  6. Hey Tasha!! More like thank you for reading hahah ^^ Glad you enjoy them, anticipate future chapter ((; Also, its raining here and everything is dark so hopefully its better where you are ;ww; Please make yourself at home here~
  7. HELLOO LEXI! Great to see you here~ and you're never to old for anime and manga ;)) Tokyo Ghoul is amazing but I haven't caught up yet ahhhh Please enjoy your stay
  8. Valentines is here (or nearly ended for me) but of course here is a song on behalf of everyone like me! Single!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIuotFZnBtk
  9. We need more people who fight kangas here. I CANT BE HERE ALONE, THERE'S TOO MANY FOR ME TO HANDLE
  10. Amelicano

    Hi :)

    Fishy mayonnaise...sounds great! Didn't know you were into that, Pat. Nice knowing more things about you Also welcome Kim~ Hope you didn't mind our small banter hahah. Please make yourself at home here. We have a couch and everything. Enjoy :))
  11. Hey Pat!! A fellow editor woo hoo. Hope to see you around here and eventually our top secret staff chat ;)) Enjoy!
  12. Amelicano


    Hahah, go ahead. Welcome to LOLScans, enjoy your stay
  13. Amelicano


    That's how Sundays are supposed to be spent B)
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