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  1. Final exams cannot stop me from drawing!!!
  2. I like huke and redjuice Love their character design.
  3. Beautiful! I love the glows in the Soul Eater picture and the one above it
  4. I haven't done a lot of stuff recently, but here is my fanart of Naila&Himmulis from the game King's Raid. And here are more random stuff.
  5. Aww thank you! The colored ones usually take one or two hours and the black and white can take anywhere from ten minutes to one hour. Thanks! I will!
  6. And here are some more before I go on a break.
  7. I've heard of 'Okane ga nai', but I haven't read it personally.... If you're looking for stuff with cross-dress and intense psychological trauma, you might want to check out 'Killing Stalking'.
  8. bonutzuu

    Romance Shojos

    +1 for Akatsuki no Yona. It's got great plot and characters.
  9. I'm on summer break and since I'm free, I'll post my works here Some of them are almost 2 years old and some are recent.
  10. IA is so pretty 0.0 Did you use watercolor for your colored picture? While you're at it you could draw female Micaela too
  11. So cuuuuute!! The way she gets angry
  12. I used to love survival games but now tend to avoid the category haha... If you're looking for horror I think Doubt is a pretty good title. The rabbits are super creepy. Platinum End is pretty enjoyable though short on horror (I don't know if it's considered a game though...?) and Dead Tube has a...scary heroine.
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