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  1. L-e-t-t-e-r

    ...Welp Sorry

    It's awesome!
  2. L-e-t-t-e-r

    TH Waterfall [L-e-t-t-e-r]

    Thank you <3 Quite surprised with the result myself, I usually don't draw the background (except the gluttony art contest). Here's the draft Thanks! Most people will float the krathong at the river near/in the city or the temple though. I drew waterfall because there're lots of waterfall in Thailand
  3. L-e-t-t-e-r

    TH Waterfall [L-e-t-t-e-r]

    Thank you〜!
  4. L-e-t-t-e-r

    TH Waterfall [L-e-t-t-e-r]

    Country: Thailand. I've always wanted to try drawing a nice background! And the girl is wearing one of the thai traditional dress
  5. L-e-t-t-e-r

    #5th Art Contest - Tahiti

    Nice on the color and value
  6. L-e-t-t-e-r

    Z Aries [L-e-t-t-e-r]

  7. L-e-t-t-e-r

    Z Aries [L-e-t-t-e-r]

    I mistake Aries for a goat, the eyes...
  8. L-e-t-t-e-r

    Spreading my work

    Bonus <3 You're amazing too. Share your work, share your work
  9. "L-e-t-t-e-r" comes from my nickname, Dear. (given name by parent). In Thailand we use our nickname more than our real name (and it is normal to forget your friends' real name since we call each other by nickname. Ah... forgetting other's surname is also normal since it's long.) Using my nickname here would be weird because of the meaning. Some would probably ask, "Why named yourself "Dear"?" It feels weird to use my real name because I'm not used to calling myself by real name. When I think of "dear", it reminds me of a letter since there's "Dear ...," in it. My profile pic is the heroine(can't remember her name) from the korean's webtoon, "Friendly Winter". She is a lot relatable that's why.
  10. L-e-t-t-e-r

    im here because

    Greetings! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  11. L-e-t-t-e-r


    PROVOKED She teased him to the point he felt "annoyed". She teased him to the point he felt "provoked".
  12. L-e-t-t-e-r

    Let's Make a Story, 3 Words at a Time!

    Squirrel! Where are...
  13. L-e-t-t-e-r


    No.. don't say that. You have such a neat handwriting, it's relaxing to look at. All the alphabets are in equal size unlike mine, I can never write straight and in equal size, It will always jumps around. Hm? WAIT, are we all losing our self confidence in handwriting?!
  14. L-e-t-t-e-r

    Let's Make a Story, 3 Words at a Time!

    the snail wants...
  15. L-e-t-t-e-r

    Lyric Game

    I've never felt so wide awake (Owl City - Thunderstruck)