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    • Marzia

      [MUST READ] Welcome to LOLScans! [CLICK ME!]   11/13/2016

      We have removed the 5 post count policy! The public download is now officially open without the need of 5 posts.    Q: Why? A: We are now stopping the upload in any online reader aside from ours.   Leechers (those who like stealing and uploading elsewhere) can still get their chapters if they want by grabbing it there:    However, watermark and ads applies (as respect for us at the very least.) And because we all know that it's not hard to grab our works from our online reader (despite finding ways to make it impossible or if not impossible very hard and annoying) we have decided to leave tiny watermarks in our releases. Don't worry, the placing and the size should not affect your reading experience and convenience. (It's also because we really can't stop people from stealing if they really want to... might as well, steal the version we are fine being stolen.)   If you want to get access to our clean (ads-free and watermark-free) version, all you have to do is donate (any amount will do.)   We made a VIP Lounge in our discord server and here in our forum. All you have to do is show us the proof of your donation transaction and give us your username in the forum and discord to give you full access to our clean releases. Follow the instructions here:   Contest winners will be given clean version of 2 projects of their choice for 2 months. (So, what are you waiting for? Join our open community contests!)   Q: What are the limitations? A: All we ask of you is to not upload nor share the clean version elsewhere. We don't care if you share the available chapters in our public download or by stripping it out of our online reader, but keep the clean version to yourself. It is specifically ONLY for all of our supporters. Thank you!     If you have any questions/concerns, don't hesitate to make a topic in our Feedback and Suggestion forum:   Before you start your posting galore, please make sure to read our Forum Rules:   If you want to mingle with us, join us on discord:   Have fun! ^^
    • Marzia

      #1st Banner Contest - Nobunaga no Chef   05/20/2017

      #1st Banner Contest Commences! We are currently looking for new banners for our projects and the first project to make a banner change is Nobunaga no Chef! The deadline is TBA, don't worry... you will receive a 1 week notice before the deadline is set up! For more details on the said contest please refer to this link: Banner Contest officially opens (again =_=") We are currently too busy to even make changes on our current project banners. We would like to see new banners of our project moving around in our homepage. The first project we want the banner to be changed is Nobunaga no Chef! (NNC fans it's time to shine!) Here are the details and rules of the contest:  
    • Marzia

      #2nd Writing Contest - Adventure   05/20/2017

      #2nd Writing Contest is now published and ongoing! Click and read for more information on the contest here: Deadline will be announced 1 week prior so no need to fret about it. c:  
    • Marzia

      #5th Art Contest - Country   05/25/2017

      5th Art Contest Commences! Refer to this link to know more about the details: Deadline for entry: TBA


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  1. ...Welp Sorry

    It's awesome!
  2. TH Waterfall [L-e-t-t-e-r]

    Thank you <3 Quite surprised with the result myself, I usually don't draw the background (except the gluttony art contest). Here's the draft Thanks! Most people will float the krathong at the river near/in the city or the temple though. I drew waterfall because there're lots of waterfall in Thailand
  3. TH Waterfall [L-e-t-t-e-r]

    Thank you〜!
  4. TH Waterfall [L-e-t-t-e-r]

    Country: Thailand. I've always wanted to try drawing a nice background! And the girl is wearing one of the thai traditional dress
  5. #5th Art Contest - Tahiti

    Nice on the color and value
  6. Z Aries [L-e-t-t-e-r]

  7. Z Aries [L-e-t-t-e-r]

    I mistake Aries for a goat, the eyes...
  8. Spreading my work

    Bonus <3 You're amazing too. Share your work, share your work
  9. "L-e-t-t-e-r" comes from my nickname, Dear. (given name by parent). In Thailand we use our nickname more than our real name (and it is normal to forget your friends' real name since we call each other by nickname. Ah... forgetting other's surname is also normal since it's long.) Using my nickname here would be weird because of the meaning. Some would probably ask, "Why named yourself "Dear"?" It feels weird to use my real name because I'm not used to calling myself by real name. When I think of "dear", it reminds me of a letter since there's "Dear ...," in it. My profile pic is the heroine(can't remember her name) from the korean's webtoon, "Friendly Winter". She is a lot relatable that's why.
  10. im here because

    Greetings! Hope you enjoy your time here!
  11. Synonyms!

    PROVOKED She teased him to the point he felt "annoyed". She teased him to the point he felt "provoked".
  12. Let's Make a Story, 3 Words at a Time!

    Squirrel! Where are...
  13. Handwriting!!

    No.. don't say that. You have such a neat handwriting, it's relaxing to look at. All the alphabets are in equal size unlike mine, I can never write straight and in equal size, It will always jumps around. Hm? WAIT, are we all losing our self confidence in handwriting?!
  14. Let's Make a Story, 3 Words at a Time!

    the snail wants...
  15. Lyric Game

    I've never felt so wide awake (Owl City - Thunderstruck)