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  1. Already exactly one year and two months old as a LOLScans baby! Happy anniversary to us, LOLScans! :victory-onion-head-emoticon:

  2. PxrplxPanda

    One Letter at a Time

    Rift Alighty~
  3. PxrplxPanda

    Type your username with your elbow [CHALLENGE]

    pxrplxpanda Hahahaha. Alrighttttt!!!
  4. PxrplxPanda

    Let's Make a Story, 3 Words at a Time!

    ...a fun time...
  5. New typesetter... :)
  6. Happy monthsary to me as a staff member of LOLScans! :)
    1. BellaFerreira


      congrats!!! many more to come, I hope!