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  1. [December 15, 2018 - UPDATE] Open Positions: (Urgent positions and some other projects that could use some help.) Translators are really needed right now! Raws provider: Jade of Bango (A book of dreams) - Korean or French raws (preferably the latter) Translators: Falls In Love Too Late (Indo-Bahasa) Jade of Bango (Korean) Magus of the Library (Chinese/Japanese) Prince of Prince (Chinese/Indo-Bahasa) Cleaners: Alice Royale [B&W] Daisaiyuuki Bokuhi Seiden [B&W] Golden Change Hongdo [Webtoon] Jade of Bango ( A book of dreams) [B&W] Marginal Operation [B&W] Marry Me! [Colored Manga] Nobunaga no Chef [B&W] Taiyou no Mokishiroku [B&W] Tenjin [B&W] Youkai no Oisha-san [B&W] Typesetters: Jade of Bango (A book of dreams) Love Revolution Magus of the Library Nobunaga no Chef Prince of Prince Reckoning Tenjin Youkai no Oisha-san Quality Checkers: You need to take all our tests (from PR to CL) and pass them to be a QC. Some positions don't require experience! Apprentice tag is just in there, willing to be filled. Send us an e-mail or poke @KapteynGabout it. Good luck!
  2. "Welcome," is what I'd like to say. That's all. XD
  3. Whuuuut?! And George is a pretty gender neutral name too!!! Damn it, George!!!
  4. Welcome to the forum!!! Enjoy your stay! PS: You can mingle with the crew more on our Discord server. I hope we'd see you there!
  5. Hello, Haruka!!! We're always in need of extra help! If you want to know more about the drills, visit this link! You can try and apply for now so we can see where you at and which things to teach you. Also... You can join our Discord server! We'll talk more there and most probably teach you there as well. Hope to see you there soon!
  6. Hello!!! Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay with us~ For more staff interactions, you can find us on Discord. See yah there!!!
  7. We thank you instead for patronizing our works. Thank you! Please keep supporting us!
  8. Hello! You have our permission~Please don't forgot to credit us. Good luck!
  9. Hello!!! As you can see from the picture attached, we released Zipang last May 6 and we have a 3-days policy where we only upload our releases 3 days after we release them. One more day and you'll be able to download them. Please come back tomorrow and I can assure you it'll be there just in time. Thanks for reading and supporting our releases!!! If you want, you can join our Discord server so you can be updated once we release a chapter of your favorite series from us! For that, click this link: https://discord.gg/sVyxtdV See you there~
  10. Welcome to the forum! And good luck with your trials.
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