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  1. 100 Released! If only I could tell the difference between Saturday and Sunday...
  2. 27 Released! This is gonna be weekly while I'm at the helm.
  3. 99 Released! As for why it's so productive... This QC doesn't have a lot to do so I try to make sure that what I do put out is consistent. Couldn't do it without the rest of the team, and for as long as I am QC, I will keep this team stocked with people.
  4. Sorry my dude, it will go up next Saturday, I had a wedding to go to.
  5. The musings of a proofreader...
  6. Janowicz

    evil genie game

    Ye wish be granted, but there's a catch, you cannot read the same thing twice. You read all the literature in the world, then after you've read everything, you realise there was no point and become infinitely bored, for there is nothing left to read. My wish: "To be able to read minds"
  7. Hi there, and welcome.
  8. Not intentional, maybe it's the filter I put over it. I mean I had to do it, my lines didn't quite match up D:
  9. I was just wondering... Is there anyone who actually reads Zipang? Made my day!
  10. All cleaning and redrawing tests can be found here https://forum.lolscans.com/index.php?/forum/59-cleanersredrawers/
  11. The leeches and leechers are real... My thanks to our readers who don't spam us to get their five posts in.

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