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  1. You have our permission Please remember to credit us
  2. Chapter 11 Released! Once a month ain't so bad, we're going at a rate of knots now.
  3. Note that LOLScans can provide you with a proofreader, if you so wish.
  4. 39 Released! Was there a delay? Sorry if there was. Happy Chinese New Year!
  5. Sad news. I have had to remove the previous feature so that another one can be added. Clicking the image will only take you forward. As for the new feature... You probably won't notice its effects unless you frequent kissmanga.
  6. Chapters 9 & 10 Released! It wasn't quite a one-year hiatus!
  7. Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh Boooooiiiii! A load of new releases!
  8. Submit your application (including your test) via email. I don't check the forum.
  9. I must be some kind of genius, finally managed to make it so you can click on the left part of the image to go back and the right part to go forward.
  10. Please send your application to our email and remember to take the test.
  11. So far you can click on the image to go forward, as well as using the arrow keys (and A&D) and the buttons provided, I will look into making it possible to click on different parts of the image.
  12. 31 Released! More coming soon for the en-masse release!
  13. 105 Released, 106 and 107 coming soon too (today) Happy Birthday LOLScans
  14. 104 Released. Somewhat on time. You know the releases are supposed to be on Saturday? I'm sure it's still Saturday somewhere in the world.
  15. 30 Released! Might finally make this weekly again
  16. Chapter 103 Released! On a Monday?! What is this?
  17. 29 Released! Last post was September! OMG Sorry guys!
  18. 102 Released! Sorry for the delay
  19. 28 Released! Well, I tried, had some trouble getting a permanent TS.
  20. 100 Released! If only I could tell the difference between Saturday and Sunday...
  21. 27 Released! This is gonna be weekly while I'm at the helm.
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