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  1. The first 6 chapters were worked on by another group, not LOLScans. As for why you can't open the file, it's not password protected, perhaps the download partially failed - try downloading it again and see if that fixes it, alternatively, you can read it online: https://forums.lolscans.com/book/p.php?c=Ch22&p=Marginal_Operation.
  2. Janowicz

    Zipang Chapter Discussion

    Yay, thanks. I wish I could release more but I'm super busy right now with real life
  3. Janowicz


    Our one chapter: https://forums.lolscans.com/book/b.php?p=Lullaby_for_the_Moon
  4. Janowicz

    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    and 121!
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    Hi everybody

    Welcome fellow scanlator!
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    Well, if you want to take over the reader's development, let me know on Discord. I can't do this forever.
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    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    120 released!
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    Love Revolution | Reader and Download Links

    Maybe we'll release one on the 9th. We'll see.
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    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    Chapter 119.5 Released!
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    New person

    Well then, apply.
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    Love Revolution | Reader and Download Links

    51 Released. Maybe 1 hour late.
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    Hiyo. ^-^

    First time for everything!
  13. Chapter 21 Released! <<Finally>> It helps when I remember that I'm on this team
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    Marry Me! VIETNAMESE