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  1. we were short of a translator for a little while, we have one now
  2. Thanks for lettings us know, it should be fixed now
  3. Hi, I presume you were the one who applied. We've sent a reply.
  4. It's starting to look like we're putting this on hiatus
  5. 130 Released! This is like our 55th chapter if you don't count the bonus ones.
  6. Nope, it got licensed in English. Here's MO on the publisher's website: https://j-novel.club/s/marginal-operation/search?curFilter={"order"%3A"title+ASC"%2C"keyword"%3A"marginal"%2C"type"%3A"Manga"}&curModel=series
  7. 128 Released! Sorry for the delay (again).
  8. You must have typed it wrong. The [at] is supposed to be an asperand.
  9. Please read the applications section of the forum and send us your test via email. Gl
  10. Not yet! Please apply if you want to help out.
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