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  1. Janowicz

    Former Hero Discussions Thread

    Former Hero is a Korean light novel, written by Ophion on Munpia. I'm not sure what it's about yet, except there's a hero and there are demons. Link to the original: http://mm.munpia.com/?menu=novel&id=122393 Chapters released: 0- Read Online: https://forums.lolscans.com/book/b.php?p=Former_Hero Feel free to discuss the project in this thread.
  2. Janowicz

    [URGENT] Open Positions

    Please read the other threads in this topic. They contain the details.
  3. And there's nothing you can do to stop me. Basically I wanted to show that you can do it in whatever style you want, but it would be nice if it was drawn like a manga. Anyway, since I can't draw, here's a non-drawn entry. FormerHeroWIP.psd
  4. Janowicz

    Proofreader Application

  5. This is what you're getting if no one else enters, so please, help us FormerHeroWIP.psd
  6. Janowicz

    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    I'm not done with Zipang yet, despite what you might think; 122 released
  7. Information: This banner contest is for our new light novel project: Former Hero. Should you win this contest, your banner will feature on our reader (in the new releases section, and when you hover over a project's name on the main page) and on our homepage - which means that it will be the thumbnail on all of our releases for Former Hero, so it will end up wherever our project is shared (discord, reddit, etc.) Rules / Requirements: You must submit as a PSD and be willing for us to edit it, if we see fit It must be 250 pixels high, and 760 pixels wide It must have a 3 pixel border around the whole thing, which must be either black or white It ought to feature your art for what a "Former Hero" may look like (can be original or GFX) It must feature the text: Former Hero prominently You must submit your entry as a separate thread / topic to this subforum When you create a thread you must follow this title format: USERNAME #1 Banner Contest Entry (ex: Marzia #1 Banner Contest Entry) and as a content, you must post/attach the image (you may use the bbcode for image, or do an image paste if using chrome) and give us a link to your .psd [mediafire, dropbox, googledrive, etc (as long as it contains no virus)] Submission Deadline: The 4th of June 2019 at 23:59 BST I will be entering myself, so if there are no other entries, we have a back up. But come on guys, you can do better than me. If you have any questions, please them as a reply to this topic. It's Closed, Vote Now: https://www.strawpoll.me/18114887 You have 24 hours or until the poll is destroyed.
  8. We're still active!

  9. Janowicz

    Hello All

    Looks like you need a promotion
  10. Janowicz


    Welcome to our forums spoon!
  11. If you want to help you can apply here: https://forum.lolscans.com/index.php?/forum/54-applications/ Please read "How to Apply" first.
  12. Janowicz

    Coloured Cleaners

  13. Janowicz

    Love Revolution | Reader and Download Links

    52 Released! I'm back in action
  14. The first 6 chapters were worked on by another group, not LOLScans. As for why you can't open the file, it's not password protected, perhaps the download partially failed - try downloading it again and see if that fixes it, alternatively, you can read it online: https://forums.lolscans.com/book/p.php?c=Ch22&p=Marginal_Operation.
  15. Janowicz

    Zipang Chapter Discussion

    Yay, thanks. I wish I could release more but I'm super busy right now with real life