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      Hello everyone, first of all our Online Reader is open to all but if you wish to access the "Reader and Download Links" subforum of our ongoing projects (that has all the download links posted in), it will automatically show up if you are a registered member with 5 non-spam post. There are a lot of places for you to accumulate your posts from: 1) Creating a thread and introducing yourself here: 2) Creating a thread or participating in General Discussion area: 3) Participating in the chapter discussions of our projects in the Ongoing forum: 4) Creating a thread or participating in Games:
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      #1st Banner Contest - Nobunaga no Chef   05/20/2017

      #1st Banner Contest Commences! We are currently looking for new banners for our projects and the first project to make a banner change is Nobunaga no Chef! The deadline is TBA, don't worry... you will receive a 1 week notice before the deadline is set up! For more details on the said contest please refer to this link: Banner Contest officially opens (again =_=") We are currently too busy to even make changes on our current project banners. We would like to see new banners of our project moving around in our homepage. The first project we want the banner to be changed is Nobunaga no Chef! (NNC fans it's time to shine!) Here are the details and rules of the contest:  
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      #2nd Writing Contest - Adventure   05/20/2017

      #2nd Writing Contest is now published and ongoing! Click and read for more information on the contest here: Deadline will be announced 1 week prior so no need to fret about it. c:  
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      #5th Art Contest - Country   05/26/2017

      5fth Art Contest Commences! Refer to this link to know more about the details: Deadline for entry: TBA


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  1. When staff chats

    The musings of a proofreader...
  2. evil genie game

    Ye wish be granted, but there's a catch, you cannot read the same thing twice. You read all the literature in the world, then after you've read everything, you realise there was no point and become infinitely bored, for there is nothing left to read. My wish: "To be able to read minds"
  3. Introduction.

    Hi there, and welcome.
  4. Patterns etc.

    Not intentional, maybe it's the filter I put over it. I mean I had to do it, my lines didn't quite match up D:
  5. Hello!

    I was just wondering... Is there anyone who actually reads Zipang? Made my day!
  6. [URGENT] Open Positions

    All cleaning and redrawing tests can be found here
  7. The leeches and leechers are real... My thanks to our readers who don't spam us to get their five posts in.

  8. LR : Chapter Discussion

    It is definitely still being worked on. We've been pretty busy lately, lots of new members. Sorry that it was so long since the last update. We plan to release these weekly starting from next Wednesday.
  9. Greeting

    Welcome, all the same.
  10. Reader Issues & Feature Requests etc.

    The reader is going ad-free, at least for now.
  11. Language Game

    As with all games, I have no idea how well this will work, let's find out... The aim of the game is to have a cohesive conversation between the participants, but there's a catch! You must reply in a different language to the previous post. Other rules: Must be SFW Must leave the English translation at the end of your reply You can use the same language more than once but it can't be the same language as the previous post. I will start. "Hello there, I would like to buy a hamburger" (
  12. You must read the rules here: and here: Do this before you submit obviously. Some additions: Take whatever meaning you like from the theme. Have fun.
  13. Addicted to Curry

    Originally posted by @Zephiris New thread per project request please.
  14. Addicted to Curry

    Cooking manga series, containing full professional recipes for all dishes at the end of each chapter, written and illustrated by Kazuki Funatsu, published in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump between 2001 and 2012. A sequel under the same name is currently in serialization. (Wikipedia) tl;dr Basically along the same vein of Nobunaga no Chef, solid cooking and romance manga, with less of the... err... dramatization of cooking like in Shokugeki no Soma. Volumes total; 49, completed in 2012, but translation stalled in the mid-teens for ages. Raws: As far as translators goes, if lolscans is willing to pick it up, I can act as translator for Chinese=>English, since I am actively reading it myself so translating it on the side won't be much of a problem, just don't have the time and patience to do clean/redraw/typeset trifecta anymore. Edit: Ah, I probably won't check this forum much, so if there is any interest, you can probably find me on's Nobunaga no Chef comment section.
  15. Patterns etc.

    I used to be able to draw with pencils back in the day... But I've fallen out of practice. So no more "art" for me, but I am still able to conjure up interesting looking patterns using techniques similar to Escher's. This is my newest desktop background. Trouble is, it's a little bit too distracting and I keep noticing patterns within the patterns I didn't see before. I might post something about pattern generation with algorithms later. Like the game of life function performed on Perlin and Voronoi noise.