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  1. Title: Sky Crawlers - Innocent Aces Synopsis: After disappointment at being unable to find a real challenge in the skies and held back by her Rostock Corporation superiors, the cold and aloof Maumi Orishina (callsign: Kylie) defects to the rival Lautern Corporation in the hopes of getting a chance to fight Cheetah, the ace of aces and her former Rostock squad mate. Orishina butts heads initially with her new squad mates due to her aloof personality, but in time comes to learn their backgrounds and stories and who they are. And in the process she becomes a warmer and more secure person, learning that the humans on both sides of the war are not all that different from each other, each of them with their own personal fears, hopes, and dreams, herself included. Based on a part of the Nintendo Wii video game of the same name and is the prequel to the Hiroshi Mori's novel series on the Sky Crawlers and the movie The Sky Crawlers directed by Mamoru Oshii. Genres: Seinen (although mangaupdates says shonen, idk how, it's not shonen), action, aviation/aircraft/pilots, drama, alternate history, comedy (mainly in vol.1, vol. 2 seems pretty serious). https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=36167 There are only two short volumes in this series, each with 6 chapters. They were completed in 2008 and have never been translated or scanlated. I bought the manga raws myself but I can only understand so much in Japanese lol. I would provide the raws if you all give this a go. Thank you for the consideration!
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