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  1. Any avid writers still out and about on LOLScans? Manga is but one way of telling everyone about the lives of their characters and the tale that begs to be told. Anyone still writing (and/or publishing) that wants to discuss their latest work? I have lots of ideas, and have been writing since I was a kid, and have finished a few pieces. I have created entire fantasy words complete with maps, written poetry, and participated (and won) a few writing contests. With my latest graduation from my university, I finally hope to start writing and publishing my first novel. It'd be great to bounce ideas off of others and hear theirs!! Assuming the forums aren't a ghost town!
  2. This provokes a listlessness in the personal narration. I wrote something a few years back that was similar to this. The emotions and thoughts of a character can be powerful indeed. This could be any of us and all of us, in the end!
  3. I lived and grew up in San Diego so I've been there multiple times. It's a lot of fun but, definitely very similar to a full-capacity train in Japan LOL. There is no easy way out and about. Other than that, it's a lot of fun. We also have the reptile show, anime-con, and a couple other fun things at our convention center. Sorry for necroing dead topics but things need to live!
  4. You will all ban me from this site forever if I show you my handwriting. My god, some of y'alls handwriting makes me want to go rethink my style of the written word. /activate-dark-pondering-mode ( ..)
  5. Greetings! I've gravitated toward LOLScans because of its particular projects, and the name definitely stuck out. I am a Japanese-English Translator looking to apply my skills for more experience. I am fluent in Japanese and have integrated the language as a part of my life for the past seven years. I have the JLPT 1&2, numerous TEFL certificates, and am currently an English teacher for Yaruki Switch in Japan. Furthermore, I am a prolific fiction writer and avid reader. On the side, I ride motorcycles (circuits!<3), do archery, hike, play video games (MSI<3), and.... cook? I'm extremely interested in translations, though, and would like to get more experience in the field! Naturally, that brought me to this wonderful scanlation group. I hope to learn a lot and hope this community will help me become a better translator, and hopefully I can bring something else to the table besides my translations! Mauxa
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