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  1. MULTI

    How to Apply

    just realized what would happen, sorry about that 😅
  2. I prefer drawing with pencils or just black and white on my computer as I'm bad with colours but I do add some from time to time. Ima be posting art here from time to time, I'm or seem to be better at nsfw art for some reason in my opinion than normal but eh who cares. These drawings are from over the years and they aren't in order so you'll see an improvement between some.
  3. MULTI

    How to Apply

    I'm applied for b&w cleaner/redrawer and it's been about 5-8 days since I sent the test, I don't care if I didn't get accepted but I'd at least like to get a response if anything happened, TY. *test is attached, if it's the wrong file i'll fix it*
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