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  1. You can read chapter 31 of FNTL on Nov. 8! It will be available online at around 12:30pm, New York time! Enjoy your lunch with this new chapter by then! ❤️
  2. chapter 25, scheduled release: October 5, 2019 (Noon; New York Time)
  3. Season 3 Chapter 67 (230) is now up~
  4. Fixed~ Season 3 Chapter 66 (229) is now up~
  5. Season 3 Chapter 65 (228) is now up~ Join our discord server to read it!
  6. Sorry for that, will check and let the mod know about the missing chapter. Thanks for letting us know ^^
  7. Season 3 Chapter 63 (226) is now up~ Join our discord server to read it! https://disboard.org/server/623309197521453067
  8. Season 3 chapter 62 (225) is now up~ Join our discord server to read it!
  9. You're welcome! We really want to make this a weekly scheduled release, but it needs a dedicated redrawer... just hinting this for the others who can see Anyway, ch135 is now up~
  10. Title: Sugar Soldier Mangaka: Sakai Mayu Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo Summary:Growing up, Makoto had always been like a shadow to her elder sister, a woman of great beauty and intelligence. When the time came for her high school debut, things went awry. A fated encounter with a handsome youth; suddenly her miserable life took a sharp turn! Why won’t the beating of her heart stop?! Releases: Chapter1-23 : Done... Chapter 24: Release Chapter 25: Release Chapter 26: Release Chapter 27: Release Chapter 28: Release Chapter 29: Release Chapter 30: Release
  11. Discuss about the current chapter here... please be nice and avoid spoilers. However, if you think that your statement or an info you wish to share would lead to a possible spoiler, please input it in a spoiler tag
  12. chapter 93 is now up.... after a million years.... apologies
  13. chapter 20 has been scheduled to be released on the 20th noon time!
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