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  1. Marzia

    Zipang Reader and Download Links

    chapter 119 is now up!
  2. Marzia


    welcome!!! I hope you enjoy your stay and looking forward to your application! congratulations on the new baby girl! I bet your your little boy is excited to be a big brother~
  3. Marzia

    Tenjin [Reader and Download Links]

    chapter 9 is now up!
  4. Marzia

    Hongdo Reader and Download Links

    and so we're back!!! Chapter 35 is now up!
  5. Marzia

    Tenjin [Reader and Download Links]

    ch8 now up!
  6. on hiatus til we find a translator and cleaner
  7. will be on hiatus til we find a new translator and typesetter.
  8. Marzia

    Dawn Traveller

    we had to drop this LN due to another group already working on it.
  9. Marzia

    Underrated webtoons

    I have this bookmarked in my app... I guess I'll start reading it too... if you like romance... My Boo is a good one!
  10. Marzia

    DBS: Reader and Download Links

    ch29-30 now up!
  11. Discuss about the latest chapter here! For spoilers, use the spoiler tag!