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  1. chapter 20 has been scheduled to be released on the 20th noon time!
  2. chapter 133 is now up... we really need a cleaner and a new tl for this...
  3. I am alive, take advantage of it!!!

  4. Marzia

    How to Apply

    Haha no worries ^^ You should join our discord server, it'll be easier to contact us there! https://discord.gg/sNmGBa7
  5. Chapter 52-54 is now up... I don't know how many times I'll have to apologise for the delay... nonetheless, thanks for the patience and enjoy!
  6. Marzia

    How to Apply

    Hello Multi, Apologies for the delay, @Shabuzi was already informed, you should be able to receive an email today. ^^ Thanks for the patience! But I'll have to hide your attached test in this forum
  7. Marzia


    welcome!!! I hope you enjoy your stay and looking forward to your application! congratulations on the new baby girl! I bet your your little boy is excited to be a big brother~
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