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  1. Mayly


    My handwriting differs every day. I dont exactly have a print. My print is a mix between cursive and the regular letters. This is my print This is my cursive. I tend to connect my i's and t's for both print and cursive.
  2. Mayly

    Mayly's Art Dumps

    I'll be posting more when i have a good amount. I usually post on Discord, once again, so look forward to seeing more updates there than over here. ^-^
  3. Mayly

    Hiyo. ^-^

    Hi. I'm new here (obviously). This is my first time in a scans group and am willing to learn. I may not be active time to time because of school, so please forgive me. 😶 I'll try to be on here as much as I can. I'm more active on discord than I am on any of my other social media. So, reach me there. I am a self-taught artist and am still forever learning. (I also do karate) Thanks for having me here ^-^