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  1. Hello, I use Idi0ticGenius as nickname, but I'm also known as Loriri in games. My favorite color is Green personally, but I tend to like Pink online (hence my avatar). I've joined LOLScans after seeing the ad for Korean Translator. Since the translation project I was involved in finished, I decided to give it a shot as translating is my hobby. As you can guess, I am bilingual (Korean-English). I am Korean origin, but I moved to US. It's a bit embarrassing but I've forgotten Korean briefly after I stopped myself from speaking Korean to learn English faster, but I've regained it after I studied it again. It was that moment when I started translating as a hobby because I thought translating both languages back and forth would be the best way to learn both languages at the same time. Despite all that though; I'm more of math and science guy; I'm actually terrible in other subjects.
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