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  1. What the hell am I gonna do?

    A whole swarm of bees has parked itself right in fron of my

    loggia windows since yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!


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    2. BellaFerreira
    3. isabel10


      The bees are safely gone and nobody got stung.


      Recently my older children go to Teakwondo practice once a week.

      I´m already regretting since they even practice in my flat.........

      it seems easily breakable things are an "enemy" !


    4. BellaFerreira
  2. I´ve got a serious question to the translators. Do you also sometimes come across newly created words or slang word nobody knows? When you can´t find them anywhere across the net, what do you do, just guess from the context or ask someone who actually lives in japan?
  3. I did visit my sister on friday with my kids and boyfriend for

    coffee and cake.

    There I heared a shocking story.

    On the last weekend my sister got bitten in her ass by the neighbours shepherd dog.

    When I heared the stor I couldn´t hold myself and laughed,

    but it wasn´t funny at all.

    Her ass and tight is really black and blue, she was lucky that the dog

    slipped off and the teeth didn´t enter the flesh.

  4. let me feed you with fish ** or maybe feed you to the fish....................btw i like birds
  5. I made my first visit this year to my boyfriends garden today.

    It looked like a hurricane has swept through it.

    Apparently some thiefs broke in over winter and made the nice

    chaos my darling is keeping way worse.

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    2. BellaFerreira


      I mean... people are able to steal entire houses, a tree would be a piece of cake.

    3. isabel10


      Hähh, really?

      I´ve never seen someone steal a house.

      How does that work ???

    4. BellaFerreira


      I think I saw it from a CSI episode some years back ahahahaha

      I was so impressed that it never escaped my mind!

  6. Today i´m happpy coz my boyfriend is cooking and i don´t need to do anything....Banzai!!!
  7. I love fairytales and collect also those of other countrys, right now i´m reading a japanese fairytale collection as good night story for my kids. Two birds with one stone, i infect my children with my love for japan and they get a good nights sleep
  8. welcome to lolscan, i hope you will enjoy it here
  9. It´s listed in novelupdates for now http://www.novelupdates.com/series/a-comfortable-different-world-life/#comment-36562 I hope it gets some revious soon. I now my translation work is very crude, but i´m giving my best
  10. congratulation on winning the writing contest:cute-red-crab-emoticon:

    1. BellaFerreira



      it's still not good of a story as I wanted it to be but I know I tried my best :')

      I'm trying something new, maybe I'll show it soon.

  11. Well, what should i say somehow i´m not sure if i did this wrong!? I tryed to get the new novel and my homepage as translators side on novelupdates approved, but nothing happens. Anyone of you got a tip?
  12. I´ve translated one teaser chapter, but i already read all 90 chapters of the web novel with google translate and love it. If you are interested take a look at my homepage. Now that i not only write my own web novel, but also tryed to put out a translation i finally understand the hardship of other translators and editors. Thank you lolscan stuff for your hard work
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