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    Basic synopsis of the series is a romance shoujo about a girl who joins a track and field team at school at first she doesn't approve of the short team captain but she soon falls in love with who he is and his skills. There's 27 chapters in total in this series but it's only translated up to ch 15. What got me hooked is the love triangle in the series that last chapters that's translated leaves on a pretty crucial cliff hanger with her feelings wavering. I'm just really interested to know if she will pick the other guy. The girls first love is the captain of the team and stated to be a genius high jumper they recently started dating but this other guy on the team whose a jerk who has feelings for her keeps making moves on her by kissing her and with the latest translated chapter it seems she's slowly starting to like him and seems she will cheat on her current boyfriend. The plot of the series isn't too original but I'm still invested in the character relationships to know how things play out. I've searched all over online and couldn't find the raw for the series. But hope you guys decide to work on this series. https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=13324