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  1. Howdy!! Few dark souls dare lurk here while most enjoy their slumber. It is us, who must take the torch in our hands and keep this place lit for as long as we can... The name's Toxic but I actually attained enlightenment around 2017. I can clearly behold the mysterious halo behind me that tells me I'm a retard. My Obituary: I'm a South-Asian who has successfully survived his high school and junior college years and is now in his post-teen and pre-adult life doing.....Err...Umm..Ahem! My hobbies include watching anime, reading novels/manga or simply playing video games. Rest is confidential. OMG THE EMOJIS ARE COOL. RIP.
  2. Not sure if anyone would be reading this lmao but still, I wanted to give an opinion. I just skimmed through it, not really a serious read, so I might have analyzed it wrong. As you said, it definitely felt rushed, by a lot, I didn't quite feel the setting nor the tension of the situation. The two characters felt bland, a little backstory about them would have been nice, perhaps more of their personal side, giving them an identity of sort. Adding a sort of tragic past story or an interesting personality would have worked as well. That's all.
  3. A discord is fine and all, but it seems this forum is kinda dying down lol. I just hope you guys won't completely stop using this forum, something that is slowly happening with Forgotten scans.
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