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  1. i was confused because this thread here has a newer date (may 2017) as the announcement (nov 2016) so i thought it was a small mistake. good to know it was a misunderstanding and thanks for the reply.
  2. hehe, after several tries and refreshes i got registered, too late to keep me out i just thought further new members should have it a little bit easier, so thanks a lot for the fix.
  3. muto? don't remember well but i think it started at some job long time ago. i liked it somehow and kept it. and the number? just some random digits, no further meaning.
  4. username: muto4013 nickname: muto, (some people call me also sensei, hakase) about me: born 1952 in chiba prefecture, working in europe and japan. interests: when i don't torture students with meaningless knowledge i fiddle around with photoshop, retas, maya, blender and so on. And of course i read mangas, view anime because otherwise i wouldn't be here
  5. lol, now i am confused : do you or don't you have the minimum requirement ? ok, i agree with the needs to restrict the access but please delete or modify the sticky " We have removed the 5 post count policy " in announcement area, it's really confusing.
  6. just in case nobody has noticed: The plugin is outdated and works only randomly. Reading on top of captcha field something like :V1 version is outdated, if you are the webmaster please update (followed with a link).
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